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Solar panels in Surrey

Green energy coming from the sun is more and more often employed by private homes to power lighting or as an additional solution heating the water. Solar panels (or photovoltaics – PV) are produced on the basis of special cells which capture the sun’s energy. What is important, direct light is not needed, thus they can be used almost all around the world and even during cloudy days they have an ability to produce at least some electricity.

Although they are always manufactured from silicon, there are 3 basic types which differ in efficiency:

  • polycrystalline (11-15%),
  • monocrystalline (13-17%),
  • hybrid – the combination of crystalline cells and so called thin film (above 17%) .

Advantages of solar panels:

  • Minimization of the electricity bills – you do not have to pay for the sun energy (apart from the initial costs of the installation).
  • Possibility to sell the surplus energy – when you produce more than you need, you can sell it back to the grid.
  • Becoming “green” – the system does not produce any pollutants, such as carbon dioxide.

Employ all of the advantages of the system with Pro-Teck experts from Woking, Surrey.

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Solar panels

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